About The Program

How Is Information Authenticated?

The manner of authentication depends on the information to be verified. In terms of the receipt of a vaccine, the receipt information is first verified in the office of a Licensed Professional. The Licensed Professional then “opens the portal” that allows the individual to deal directly with the credentialing company to open their personal “Private Credentials Wallet” (PCW). The credentialing company then further authenticates the vaccine receipt and certifies its veracity. If information appears in a PCW, the information has been verified and authenticated as true. In terms of proof of vaccine, if that proof appears in a PCW, then it will be accepted as proof of vaccine receipt by any business or venue. 

  • The receipt of the vaccine is first verified by the Licensed Professional in an area.

  • The receipt is also verified and then CERTIFIED as accurate by the credentialing company.

  • If the receipt of the vaccine is in the PCW, then it will be accepted as accurate by any venue or business.

  • The credentialing company guarantees the veracity of any information placed in a PCW. A 24-hour hotline is in place if there is ever an issue. 

What Is The Role Of The Licensed Professional?

In order to have their receipt of vaccine verified and in order to establish a “Private Credentials Wallet” (PCW), an individual MUST go to the office of the approved Licensed Professional in their area. The credentialing company is providing area exclusives to Licensed Professionals across the country. There will be only one Licensed Professional per area. The Licensed Professional will conduct an initial review which will provide an initial layer of verification. The Licensed Professional then connects the individual with the credentialing company allowing for the creation of the PCW. The Licensed Professional (or staff) should spend no more than 10 minutes per patient. The credentialing company provides thorough training for all Licensed Professionals and 24/7 customer support is provided.

  • The Licensed Professional provides the first layer of verification of information.
  • The Licensed Professional serves as the “portal” through which the individual connects with the credentialing company to create the PCW. 
  • The process is quick and efficient and the Licensed Professional (and/or staff) will spend 10 minutes per PCW client.
  • A Licensed Professional is thoroughly trained on the process and 24/7 support is provided.
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