Problems we solve

Today, retailers (on- and off-line) and manufacturers permeate global markets. Equally robust are the millions of brands, producers, growers, and suppliers delivering millions of products and services to manufacturers, producers, and their customers every day. Countries, manufacturers, and producers put their reputations on the line with every product or service produced showcasing unsupported Country of Origin, Religious.

Marketing, or other Scientific Claims such as Made-in or Product-of USA, Kosher and Halal Certifications, New/Improved, Sugar-free, Reduced Fat, Non-GMO, Organic, and more. Currently, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers rely on supply chains to confirm their Country of Origin and other marketing claims without any form of secondary authentication.

Verity One Ltd. is the leading third-party, independent non-government organization (NGO) and supply chain verification company. Verity, Inc. ensures that any Country of Origin or other marketing claims on a product is validated with supporting documentation. These records of authentication are made available through our Verity One™ blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technology system,

VerityChain™, for the appropriate governmental organizations, retailers, and consumers who may question the legitimacy of any country of origin or marketing claim. Additionally, consumers can cross-reference marketing claim legitimacy by accessing Verity’s Generally Accepted Marketing and Certification Standards (GAMCS™), our shared database of criteria and standards of testing for any marketing claim.

At Verity’s core, we give truth an authentic voice by empowering countries, brands, and manufacturers to take full control of their supply chains across the globe. Our technology protects our clients, and their customers, using truth and transparency to generate trust and certainty.

IBM Watson ®  Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM Hyperledger, Ethereum Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) are at the core of Verity’s technological infrastructure. These technologies synergize to provide traceability of assets across any network, including physical aspects, intangible assets, and transactional data. Our secure, bifurcated blockchain network, VerityChain™, with multi-layered access, provides traceability from the originating source to the end consumer while providing transparency and substantiation to authorized people in the network. Watson ®  is a real-time artificial intelligence platform that we use to help clients develop bi-directional relationships with consumers and vendors through our Verity One™ system.

We are the leading NGO compliant with World Trade Organization (WTO) labeling standards. With more than a decade of experience within the Country of Origin labeling industry, Verity, Inc. is the only company to have been successfully vetted by the United States government for its proprietary Made in USA Certified ®  supply chain verification process. Our Verity seals demonstrate to and ensure consumers that manufacturers and retailers are taking the initiative to validate their marketing claims to exceed industry and governmental standards for quality and value. Additionally, our technology can organize vendors by specific categories, so buyers in any civic or industry sector can easily identify and select certified vendors.

  • IBM Watson ®  Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM Hyperledger, Ethereum Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) as core technologies
  • World Standard for Country of Origin, Religious, Marketing, and Scientific Claims
  • Recall Risk Management and Instant Notification provides an immediate pathway to remediation when issues arise
  • Warranty Registration and Repository for any purchased products
  • Pro-active Counterfeit/Forgery Prevention
  • Tracks and Eliminates Diversion of Taxable products, subsequently generating more tax revenues
  • Global supply chain traceability
  • Transparency increases consumer demand and in-store and online conversion rates (drives sales)
  • Enhances Country leadership and pride
  • Holds Manufacturers and Distributors accountable
  • US Government: Over 750,000 vendors that must become Made in USA Certified® to comply with President Trump’s newly signed Executive Order #13788 reinforcing Buy American Act laws
  • US Government: Over 4,000,000 farms in the U.S. that need to have their products verified as Product of USA Certified™ to comply with EO:13788 in order to sell products to the U.S. Government, state governments, and public schools at every grade level
  • UK Government: Over 200m imported and 200m exported products that need to be tracked and validated for Country of origin to assist UK Government with customs and regulations
  • Tesco: A British multinational grocery and merchandise corporation with over 200,000+ products that must have verified sources of origin and country of origin labeling
  • Indian Government: Pharmacy product diversion solutions for pharmacy tax tracking
  • Tax Stamps: Governments are losing hundreds of millions in tax revenues due to counterfeit tax stamps costing respective organizations billions across the globe in fines, penalties, and l
  • Alibaba: Over 1,000,000+ products imported into China from the United States that could be Certified to create value, transparency, and trust for the online retailer and respective vendors
  • Kosher: 400,000+ products that should be verified for supervision to protect the Kosher brand
  • Halal: More than 1 Billion Muslims worldwide require and demand Halal (a $1.8T industry)
  • ORGANIC Union: Over 600+ Organic Certifiers with no common criteria or standard of testing for Organic product identification
  • Other Countries: Made in Ukraine Certified™, Made in Italy Certified™, Made in Spain Certified™, Made in Jamaica Certified™, Made in Canada Certified™, Made in the United Kingdom Certified™, etc.