The Privacy Problem

and Solution


Covid has caused many problems and entire industries have been created in order to address the problems caused by Covid. How do I know if I have Covid? The Covid testing industry was created. How do I prevent contracting Covid? The whole vaccine industry was created.  

The current and soon-to-be emerging problem is “How do I (as a private company that requires proof of a vaccine) know that the individual’s proof of vaccine is real?”  In other words, “How do I know that the individual really did receive a vaccine?’ This problem has arisen because the record-keeping during the administration of the vaccine was and is abysmal and the number of fake vaccine cards number in the hundreds of thousands. This question is now being asked by the cruise line industry, airlines, professional sports teams, and more. 

A related problem is how can the receipt of a vaccine be authenticated WITHOUT resorting to a national registry/database or national “Vaccine Passport”? All parties recognize the importance of keeping an individual’s personal health information private.   

  • Covid has caused many problems and entire industries have been created to address the problems.
  • A current and emerging problem involves trust in an individual’s proof of the receipt of the vaccine. “Did they really receive the vaccine or is their vaccine card (proof) a fake”?
  • The record-keeping in terms of vaccine distribution has been awful and there are hundreds of thousands of fake vaccine cards already in circulation. 
  • A vaccine card alone will likely not be accepted as proof of the receipt of the vaccine by many private industries including cruise liners, airlines, and more.
  • How can I (the private company requiring proof of the receipt of the vaccine) trust that the individual really did receive the vaccine? 
  • How can the proof of vaccine (or other information) be authenticated while maintaining the privacy of a person’s personal health information?

The Solution:

The solution is found in the private authentication of an individual’s proof of their receipt of the vaccine. Our client is the world’s foremost verification and certification company and they have designed the solution. 

The authentication is done through the use of Licensed Professionals that provide an initial “layer” of verification and that initiate the creation of a “Verity One Wallet” (VOW). The VOW is a “cloud-based” safe deposit box (of sorts) into which an individual deposits their personal information that they want to have certified as accurate and then have readily available for display. An individual’s proof of vaccine receipt is just the type of information to be verified and stored in their VOW. 

The information stored in an individual’s VOW remains private information and that privacy is protected by the latest in blockchain technology.