Adam Reiser, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Tony is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of software, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Ed Lynch, President

Edward is an alumnus of the NFL; played in the first professional lacrosse league in the nation; raced cars professionally in the Motorola Cup and the Grand-Am series; was a candidate for United States Congress and hosts The Primal Truth podcast.

Florida Atlantic University graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in Business Law.

Steven Sprague, CTO

One of the industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities, and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms. Steven Sprague was President and CEO at Wave System Corp. a Nasdaq to over a 2 billion dollar valuation and leading the industry in OEM and enterprise trusted computing software.  Steven holds multiple patents in the area of trusted computing, data security, and microtransactions. Steven graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Gloria Guo, CFO

With her international experience, Gloria helps us easily understand the numbers and improves them. She is determined to drive success and delivers her professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.

Neal Hutchinson, ESQ

 Assistant Vice President
Assistant Secretary

Adam David Reiser,
Secretary and Director

 Adam David has been an active part of Verity and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida’s prestigious Warrington School of Business. With an active knowledge of the Information Technology field learned through both participation in Verity and its predecessor companies, Mr. Reiser has been an invaluable part of the Company’s development

John Polyak, Treasurer

 John provides an outstanding record of successful experience in both Finance and Marketing. He has an extremely strong background in Retail and Media Production Studio operations. Couple this with systems utilization and integration with SAP, JDA MMS, Lawson, Great Plains, Software 2000, and others. He has managed multi-billion revenue systems with such companies as The Sports Authority and DHL. He has also spent years consulting on financial system platform installations, process improvements, SOX, Best Practice, Six Sigma/Lean, as well as new system design and installations, outsourcing/offshoring, mergers, and senior management support services. 

Larry Light, Director

Research and Development, Visionary

Marty Martin, Director

Marty has been involved with Verity and has always been a close advisor to Adam Reiser. His work in service to the United States has been invaluable and his knowledge of government Agencies and Departments will play a key role in the Company’s success. He is currently the CEO of International Oil Trading Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“IOTC”), an oil trading firm. In addition to his private sector experience, Mr. Martin has more than 29 years of government service including service with the U.S. Special Forces, the NSA, and the CIA. Mr. Martin also served more than 15 years as a member of the Senior Intelligence Service under President George W. Bush.

Luci Sheehan, Director

Since 2009, Luci Sheehan’s consulting firm has spearheaded clients’ efforts to pioneer new products and ideas by driving results in the sales and marketing functions for CPG/Retail and Technology sectors. Luci began her career with P&G, advancing in their sales organization to become the first female District Manager.  After P&G, she built a career leading sales and marketing functions in consumer products, media, research, and technology sectors and consulting. Luci has consulted for Verity since 2010, providing marketing and business development strategy and support for new initiatives.

Luci currently serves as a P&G Alumni Foundation Board Trustee, and on the board of WISE, in the Store brands industry.  She is an Honorary Trustee of her alma mater, Simmons University, past chair of the American Red Cross of CT, and has served on several other non-profit and industry boards throughout her career. 

Alex Lightman, Director

Alex is the founder and CEO of Token Communities Ltd., and chairman of NextHash, Smart Green Cities Ltd., and Blockchain Commodities Exchange. He is an advisor to 20+ companies on coin/token offerings. He is a co-founder and one of the seven steering committee members of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), wrote the membership benefits, raised the first outside funds, and is responsible for the world outside of the USA for DATA. Lightman is one of the most prolific creators of crypto content in 2018. He is the first columnist for ICO Crowd magazine, with 22 articles in the last five months, an best-selling author in seven categories, and a keynote speaker at 20+ Blockchain conferences in 2018. He generates about 60 minutes a month of crypto video content in cooperation with ProActive/Stocktube that is distributed to 250,000+ investors Lightman is the author of Brave New Unwired World (Wiley, 2002) and Reconciliation: 78 Reasons to End The US Embargo of Cuba, and the co-author (with Brett King, the #1 Fintech influencer) of Augmented: Life In The Smart Lane.  How To Be Good At Crypto, and Food Security via Clean Energy and Blockchain Technology. Lightman has also authored seminal texts that are unpublished including the National Innovation plans for the Obama White House and for Mexico and the first two IPv6 Transition plans for the 28 NATO member nations.

Alan Weiss, Director

Ph. D. Steven Zhi Wen NIU,

Dr. Niu is currently employed as a Professor at Shaw University, in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is also an adjunct Professor at Four Chinese Universities. He serves as the board member of four organizations in China and the USA.   As the President of Triangle Accounting, Inc., Dr. Niu has specialized in the areas of US federal taxation, state taxation, international taxation as well as foreign income consulting. In the past 17 years, he has successfully represented clients, handling over 250 audit cases against various tax authorities. This list includes several multimillion-dollar Federal Tax Court cases.  His "Non-COGS" theory points out the issues of markup methodology widely used by tax auditors, his new "Modified Markup auditing" eliminates the gaps between the tax liabilities accessed by auditors and actual tax data for retail business and has been adapted by various states Department of Revenue.

Pete Petropoulos, Director 


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