Verity One PASS Vaccine App

Healthcare Providers (Of All Disciplines) and Other Licensed Professionals Can Provide Vaccine Recipients
An App That Will Establish Verifiable Proof Of Vaccination.

A wide range of Healthcare Providers and other licensed Professionals can offer the Verity One Proof of Vaccine app.   The Verity One app is the only app that originates with the Healthcare Provider or other licensed professional thereby initiating a secure chain of custody.  Verity One technology (including Blockchain technology) further certifies the validity of vaccine receipt providing the most respected and trusted proof of vaccine app available.

 No one knows what the future will hold in terms of “proof of vaccine” requirements.  What is known, however, is that fraud will be rampant in this “space” and an app displaying an intact chain of custody which also incorporates many other verification of authenticity metrics is now and will be universally accepted.   Those that use this app will be prepared regardless of what “proof requirements” are created moving forward. 

 All Verity One metrics are HIPAA compliant and allow for the vaccine recipient to personally “own their data”.  This is significant as the data is owned by the individual and is not part of a government database. The app holder merely agrees to show their verified proof of vaccine data when needed. 

  The demand for the app will be widespread.  Please contact your Verity One representative if you are a Healthcare Provider or other licensed professional that wishes to offer the app to their patients and/or clients.  

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