We are on the FRONT Line with a PRIVATE NON-Government Solution for COVID Proof and Registration.

The service provided is the authentication of the receipt of the vaccine. Offering this service does not promote the vaccine nor does it discourage the receipt of the vaccine. Those taking advantage of this service have already decided to receive the vaccine. The service is providing what is, in effect, a “veritize upgrade” to a vaccine card so that the individual will have peace of mind that their proof of vaccine (as stored and displayed through their VOW), will be universally accepted as proof of their vaccine receipt. 

It is impossible to predict what the requirements for proof of vaccination will be moving forward. The cruise industry and the airlines indicate that they will need more than a standard (and easily faked) vaccine card. There will be lawsuits concerning HIPAA and prohibitions against revealing personal health information. The one thing that is probably assured is that the future in this “space” will be a complete mess. For this reason alone, every person who received a vaccine should “upgrade their proof” and authenticate their vaccine receipt through a VOW. Through this strategy, they can avoid any “conflict” and return to normal life as seamlessly and quickly as possible. 

It is also important to stress that any verified and placed information within a VOW is the PERSONAL DATA OF THE INDIVIDUAL. It is the choice of the individual whether they wish to share that information with the party requesting it.  The privacy of the information is protected through the very latest in blockchain technology and the information is not a part of a “master” or government database. Verification of the receipt of a vaccine through a PCW is actually the antithesis of the “vaccine passport” concept.