Who Will Purchase a
“Verity One Wallet”? (VOW)

If someone went to the trouble of receiving a vaccine, they will certainly want their proof of the receipt of that vaccine to be universally accepted as authentic. They will be paying a small fee to have a “veritize upgrade” to their proof of vaccine card. The obtaining of a “Verity One Wallet” (VOW) containing the authenticated proof of vaccine receipt is quick and efficient. The end product of the certified proof of vaccine receipt is impressive and will be accepted by any company or venue.

It will become more and more public knowledge that a vaccine card alone will not be accepted by many companies and venues as proof of the receipt of the vaccine. In order to ensure “peace of mind’ and to avoid potential hassles, individuals will rush to open a VOW and have the vaccine receipt authenticated and held within their personal VOW. People want to return to normal as quickly as possible and they have grown to very much hate uncertainty. They will open a VOW just to be sure that their vaccine proof will be accepted. 

  • Most people who received the vaccine will invest a small fee to ensure that their vaccine proof is authenticated and certified. 
  • They want to have peace of mind that their proof will be accepted at every venue and by every company requiring proof of vaccine. 
  • This program can be positioned as a “vaccine card upgrade” and will be pursued by those that want to return to normal without “stops and starts.” They will be willing to invest a small fee to ensure their peace of mind. 

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