Verity One Ltd.


Verity One Ltd. TRUTH MATTERS™ leverages AI and blockchain for rigorous third-party supply chain verification, upholding objectivity and integrity in assessing various marketing claims and certifications. For over two decades, the firm has been a benchmark in validating claims related to origin, religious certifications, organic status, ESG compliance, and Carbon Credit authenticity, using advanced technology for enhanced transparency.

Enhancing its services, Verity One Ltd. TRUTH MATTERS™ offers specialized certifications that align with companies' ethical and operational principles. Its innovative Verity One Scanning App introduces the AWARE score, blending "WOKE" (social justice, inclusivity) and "AWAKE" (traditional, conservative) values. This scoring system guides stakeholders in aligning their investments, political support, and purchases with their values, reinforcing Verity One's commitment to precision and transparency in verification and certification.

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Verity One Ltd. TRUTH MATTERS™ is synonymous with the gold standard of real-time, impartial truths, under vigilant surveillance around the clock. Our exclusive application combines expert assessments, AI-powered analysis, and a distinctive consensus scoring system. Our comprehensive services range from certifications of Country of Origin, ESG, DEI, Organic, HALAL, KOSHER, and beyond, to a deep exploration of the WOKE versus AWAKE discourse through our AWARE score. Since 2001, Verity One has been the beacon of unwavering authenticity and verification.