Press Release: Strategic Separation of Verity One Ltd. and MADE IN USA ONE LLC

For Immediate Release Washington D.C. USA—In a monumental step towards refining their individual identities and strategic direction, VERITY ONE LTD. and MADE IN USA ONE LLC proudly announce the successful completion of their separation. This pivotal move delineates their missions, operational scopes, and market offerings while upholding the core value of "TRUTH MATTERS™." This strategic separation accentuates each entity's distinctive focus and unwavering commitment while harnessing shared principles to foster transparency, credibility, and confidence in global and local markets.

VERITY ONE LTD.: Pioneering Global Authenticity and Transparency Verity One Ltd. embraces a global perspective and operates internationally, with strategic hubs in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Verity One utilizes cutting-edge AI and blockchain technologies to promote authenticity and transparency in international trade. Its primary objective is verifying products' origins, quality, and sustainability, catering to conscientious companies prioritizing genuine, ethically sourced goods. Verity One is actively establishing operations in jurisdictions renowned for their advanced regulatory frameworks in blockchain, digital assets, and associated software licensing units.

MADE IN USA ONE LLC: Advocating Reshoring U.S. Manufacturing and Excellence Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, MADE IN USA ONE LLC champions products made in the United States and celebrates the rebirth of U.S. Manufacturing and innovation. Through AI, Blockchain and ERP platforms validating domestically produced items, MADE IN USA ONE ensures consumers access to Validated Product of or Made in U.S.A. goods, bolstering local economies and perpetuating the legacy of excellence inherent in U.S. manufacturing. This unwavering focus on domestically sourced products reinforces the value and integrity of items made in the USA, thereby fortifying the domestic market.

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