Engagement and Rewards

Gamification is the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users.

Rule New user: Assigned or not points for each new user registered on the site.

Rule Establish Family Account:

Rule Add Family Members to Account:

Rule Invite: Assigned or not points when a user asks someone else to register on the site (send email).

Rule Invite with success: Assigned or not points to the referral user when a user registers on the site following an invitation.

Rule Scan: When a user scans a product

Rule Scan not found: when a user scans a product and it is not found they are prompted to add the name of the product, description, and 3 pictures.

Rule Search the database.

Rule Manually Add Product to Database:

Rule View Product Description:

Rule Claim Product in Database:

Rule Subscribe to Recall notification:

Rule Scan of Car Recall Database:

Rule Accept Chat from Brand Manager:

Rule A | B comparison:

Rule Social Media Sync: Sync Data from Linkedin, FB, Twitter

Rule Post Scan and Recommendation to Social Media

Rule Reader to the author: Assigns points to the author when one of its articles is read by a user.

Rule Referral points: Referral users earn bonus points as a percentage of all points earned by their referees.

Rule Bonus points: Assigns bonus points to specific users.

Rule Change user level (2): Specifies the number of points sufficient to authorize an author user to change the level and become an editor.

Rule Change user level (3): Specifies the number of points sufficient to authorize an editor user to change level and become a publisher

Rule Winner notification: Send a message to the user and administrator when it reaches the maximum number of points required.

Rule Coupon points codes: This allows users to enter a code appropriate to get extra points in the module.

Rule Raffle: This rule allows to enable a raffle system.

Rule Custom: Assigns or remove custom points to a specific user and set a reason

Rule Upload avatar: Assigns points when a user uploads a picture or avatar in his profile with the internal avatar system.

Rule Profile complete: Assigns points when a user has 100% completed his / her profile. Must be used with the internal system avatar of User Points. Assigns 10% complete on registration, assigns 50% with image or avatar, and reaches 100% with a mall description, birthday, gender, and hometown (city). Points will be removed automatically if the profile is down and incomplete.

Rule Profile View: Assigns points to the owner of the profile when the current user looks at a profile

Rule Combined activities: This allows the administrator to combine all actions in one activity from a specified date (perform database if you have training). This rule is necessary to show the combined activity of activities of users.

Rule Change user level (1): Specifies the number of points sufficient to authorize a registered user to change the level and become an author.

Utility token Commercial | Audit Payment in

Rule New Commercial Account:

Rule Order Audit | Verification of Claim:

Rule Each Claim is subjected to cost accounting: Country of Origin, Religious, Health, Source Tracking, Efficacy, Buy American Act Compliance, NON-GMO, Organic

Rule Initial Documents:

Rule Activity on the supply chain and vendor response times:

Rule Shared Ledger:

Rule Firewall of Supply Chain: Private Ledger with 7 nodes: tracking and tracing with digit

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