2023: A Year of Truth and Global Transparency for Verity One

Highlighting a pivotal year with the Verity VRTY Truth Token launch and the pre-release of the Verity One Truth Mobile Scanning App
December 30, 2023 by
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Verity One Ltd., headquartered at 56 Street, Dubai Investments Park, Dubai, UAE, celebrates 2023 with significant achievements, including the launch of the Verity VRTY Truth Token and the pre-release of the Verity One Truth Mobile Scanning App, available at https://app.verity.one. This year has emphasized our commitment to maintaining Made in USA Certified® standards in the U.S. and upholding specific certifications like HALAL and Organic in international markets.

The Verity VRTY, HALAL and USA Truth Tokens and mobile app, incorporating the AWARE Score system, have been central in enhancing transparency, particularly in areas such as Baby Formula Tracking and Recall Notification.

Verity One's 2023 milestones, including introducing the Verity One V-Sign, demonstrate our unwavering dedication to ethical business practices and truth. These initiatives reinforce our TRUTH MATTERS™ ethos.

As we transition into 2024, Verity One remains dedicated to advancing these principles and fostering a global culture of trust and authenticity.

Contact: Adam Reiser, CEO & Founder Press@verity.one

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  • Title: "Verity One Reflects on 2023's Global Success with VRTY Truth Token"
  • Twitter Title: "Celebrating 2023 with the Verity VRTY Truth Token "
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  • Meta Description: "Explore Verity One's 2023 achievements with the Verity VRTY Truth Token launch and our commitment to global standards."
  • For more details on our 2023 accomplishments and future initiatives, visit https://verity.one.

123, Administrator December 30, 2023
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