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The V Token: A New Era of Digital Trust
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Austin, TX—May 28, 2024—This year at Consensus Austin 2024, Verity One Ltd, a pioneer in blockchain and AI-driven certification solutions, will demonstrate the transformative capabilities of its V Token system. Founded on the principles of truth and transparency, Verity One utilizes advanced technologies to enhance the integrity of supply chains across industries.

The V Token: A New Era of Digital Trust the V Token will be the core of Verity One's presentation. This innovative digital asset uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and trust in product supply chains. Operating on Polygon MATIC and Hyperledger Fabric, the V Token facilitates secure, transparent transactions within the Verity One ecosystem, providing stakeholders with undeniable proof of product authenticity and regulatory compliance.

Verity One’s Impact on Industry With its robust ERP system integrated with AI and blockchain technologies, Verity One ensures the highest standards of product verification and offers real-time insights into the quality and authenticity of products. "Our mission has always been to embed trust and transparency into the very fabric of supply chain transactions," states Adam Reiser, CEO and founder of Verity One Ltd. "With the V Token, we are bringing this vision to life, ensuring that all stakeholders can conduct transactions with utmost confidence."

About Verity One Ltd. Established in 2001, Verity One Ltd. operates under the ethos of 'TRUTH MATTERS™. ' It has dedicated itself to enhancing product supply chain transparency, authenticity, and trust. By integrating cutting-edge AI and blockchain technologies, Verity One digitizes trust across industries, making it a leader in its field.

Verity One Mobile Scanning App for lookup and push technology with real-time notifications

Verity One System for Compliance using AI and Blockchain AI and Blockchain 

Token V on Polygon MATIC and Hyperledger Fabric with our Mobile Scanning Verity One Scanner

Contact Information:
Adam Reiser, CEO / Founder Verity One Ltd. 2 56 Street, Dubai Investments Park, Dubai UAE 18383 62829

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MATIC CONTRACT for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token


123, Administrator May 20, 2024
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