Verity One: Blockchain-Powered Truth & Authentic Certification

Verity One: AI, Blockchain & Experts. Unbiased Truths. Est. 2001.
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Verity One Launches Advanced Verification Platform: Blending AI, Blockchain, and Expertise for Authentic Certification

San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 2023 ---- In an unprecedented move, Verity One, a trusted authority in AI and Blockchain, and the GOLD Standard, in unbiased truth and validation certification, has unveiled its groundbreaking mobile app titled "Verity One: Blockchain-Powered Truth & Authentic Certification". This is the first app to offer users an intricate “AWARE” score, allowing them to navigate the nuanced current debate of “WOKE vs. AWAKE”.

With over two decades of unmatched experience, Verity One continues to champion innovation, encapsulated perfectly in "Verity One: Vetted Truths. AI & Expert Verified. Est. 2001." This proprietary platform synergizes the expertise of vetted editors with the precision of AI-verified insights and features a unique weighted consensus scoring system.

But it's not just about technological advancements. The app delves deep into various validation certifications, from emphasizing the Country of Origin "MADE IN USA", ESG, DEI, and Organic statuses to HALAL and KOSHER certifications, thus ensuring a holistic approach to truth and authenticity.

Adam Reiser, Verity One Founder/CEO, shared, "At Verity One, we're proud to be at the forefront of unbiased, real-time truths, and have been for over 22 years. Our new 24/7 monitored app isn't just another platform; it's a revolution in understanding contemporary debates and seeking authenticity... because TRUTH MATTERS."


Established first in 2001, Verity One stands unparalleled in its domain, heralding a steadfast reputation as an unbiased and autonomous entity specializing in third-party verification within the supply chain realm. With a resolute commitment to preserving the integrity of products, we meticulously evaluate marketing claims encompassing Country of Origin "MADE IN USA," religious affiliations, organic categorizations as well as HALAL and KOSHER compliance, ESG and DEI adherence, and Carbon Credits assertions. Verity One is an unbiased referee, ensuring that claims align with reality. For over 22 years, their non-partisan approach and cutting-edge blockchain technology have redefined transparency, empowering consumers, manufacturers, governmental entities, and all stakeholders with accurate information. Verity One provides nuanced certification to businesses based on their ethical and operational foundations. Verity One’s proprietary consensus-driven validation process identifies firms as “Champions of Social Justice”, categorized under the "WOKE" classification, or as advocates of Traditional Values, coined "AWAKE." An exhaustive analysis details political stances, business behavior, and claim legitimacy. Partnering with Verity One Ltd., clients enlist a stalwart ally in supply chain verification, armed with the accurate knowledge necessary for sound product decisions because TRUTH MATTERS.

The VERITY ONE App is now available for download on major mobile app stores. For more information about Verity One or for press inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch with Evelyne “Evy” Buoncore ( at +1(833) 211-3663

123, Administrator October 14, 2023
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