Verity One Leads with Blockchain-Based Nutrient Credits for Environmental Impact

March 11, 2024 by
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San Juan, PR – Verity One Ltd., a leader in the certification and verification business, today announced the launch of its innovative Nutrient Credits System, employing the Hedera HBAR for public information and Hyperledger for private Blockchain  information to promote environmental sustainability and water conservation. This pioneering initiative marks a significant leap forward in leveraging blockchain technology for ecological benefits.

Verity One, leveraging its extensive experience in AI since 1983 and blockchain technology since 2018, has developed the Verity License Unit (VLU) or the "V" on the Hedera HBAR Blockchain. This development underscores the company's commitment to truth and transparency in environmental conservation efforts.

A Sustainable Future with Nutrient Credits

The nutrient credits system introduced by Verity One is designed to encourage and incentivize businesses and agricultural sectors to reduce nutrient runoff, a major cause of water pollution. By utilizing the Hedera Blockchain, Verity One ensures a transparent, secure, and efficient platform for trading nutrient credits, fostering a community-wide effort towards cleaner water bodies and healthier ecosystems.

Leading the Charge in Blockchain Sustainability

Adam Reiser, CTO and Founder of Verity One Ltd., stated, "Our mission is to blend technology with sustainability, offering a robust solution for environmental conservation. The nutrient credits system on the Hedera Blockchain represents a vital step towards achieving this goal, promoting accountability and positive change."

About Verity One Ltd.

Verity One Ltd. is a Wyoming Registered Company in the certification and verification business since 2001, with a focus on integrating AI and blockchain technologies. A Veteran Registered Company with a Commercial and Government Entity specified (CAGE Code: 8JSY1), Verity One is dedicated to advancing truth and transparency in various sectors.

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  • Main Office: 1 Calle Washington, Solemar 4A, San Juan, PR 00907
  • MENA Office: 56 Street, Dubai Investments Park, Dubai, UAE, Zipcode:00000
  • Registered Office: 1712 Pioneer Ave, Suite 500, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA

Adam Reiser, CTO / Founder

Verity One is paving the way for a sustainable future, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to make a real difference in environmental conservation and sustainability efforts worldwide.

123, Administrator March 11, 2024
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