VERITY ONE LTD. Marks A Milestone in Supply Chain Verification with VERITY ONE APP 7

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VERITY ONE LTD. Marks A Milestone in Supply Chain Verification with VERITY ONE APP

San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA | Dubai, UAE | Hong Kong, PRC – October 2023--- As a landmark in the supply chain verification industry, VERITY ONE LTD. takes pride in announcing the upcoming release of the proprietary VERITY ONE APP. This ground-breaking application is designed to leverage blockchain technology and AI to trace and verify product origins and claims, making it a monumental achievement in supply chain verification.

VERITY ONE stands at the forefront of consumer empowerment by emphasizing transparency, traceability, and accurate labeling. As an app user, you'll join a global community of conscious consumers committed to ensuring product authenticity and fair practices. Don't miss this opportunity - request your exclusive invite for the app's pre-release at the website.


Since 2001, Verity One Ltd. has pioneered third-party verification, leveraging a blend of human expertise, AI-driven insights, and Blockchain technology. Verity One is unparalleled as the GOLD STANDARD in its domain, with a steadfast reputation as an unbiased referee, ensuring that claims align with reality. Its non-partisan approach and cutting-edge Blockchain technology redefine transparency. This empowers consumers, manufacturers, governmental entities, and all stakeholders with accurate information such as Country of Origin (“MADE IN USA”), HALAL, KOSHER, or other requirements. It provides nuanced certification to businesses based on the company’s ethical and operational foundations. Verity One’s proprietary consensus-driven validation process even identifies firms as “Champions of Social Justice”, categorized as advocates of Traditional Values, coined "AWAKE”, or under the more liberal "WOKE" classification. An exhaustive analysis details these political stances, business behavior, and claim legitimacy. Partnering with Verity One Ltd., clients enlist a stalwart ally in supply chain verification, armed with the accurate knowledge necessary for sound product decisions because TRUTH MATTERS.


The VERITY ONE App is now available for download on major mobile app stores. For more information about Verity One or for press inquiries, please contact: Evelyne “Evy” Buoncore ( at +1(833) 211-3663 or Email:

123, Administrator November 23, 2023
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