Verity One Ltd. Unveils AI and Blockchain Solution to Combat QR Code Scams

We believe that TRUTH MATTERS™ in the digital age, and our AI and blockchain-powered solution is designed to uphold the highest standards of authenticity and integrity
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 FBI Warns of Widespread QR Code Scams

Verity One Ltd. Unveils Groundbreaking AI and Blockchain Solution to Combat QR Code Scams

Dubai, UAE - February 18, 2024 - Verity One Ltd., a leading innovator in digital security solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its pioneering AI and blockchain-powered QR code verification system. With the rampant increase in QR code scams posing a significant threat to businesses and consumers worldwide, Verity One Ltd. has developed an innovative solution to fortify QR code authentication and ensure digital trustworthiness.

The proliferation of QR code usage has facilitated seamless interactions between physical and digital realms, yet it has also provided fertile ground for cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting users. In response to this pressing issue, Verity One Ltd. has integrated cutting-edge technologies, including AI, blockchain, and a bespoke URL shortener, within the ERP platform to create a secure and reliable QR code ecosystem.

Verity One Ltd.'s solution addresses the inherent vulnerabilities within the existing QR code infrastructure by offering a multifaceted approach to authentication and verification. Leveraging IBM Hyperledger and Hedera HBAR blockchain technology, the system provides an immutable record of QR code generation and validation, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of QR codes and the URLs they encapsulate.

"We believe that truth matters in the digital age, and our AI and blockchain-powered solution is designed to uphold the highest standards of authenticity and integrity," said Adam Reiser, CEO of Verity One Ltd. "With our innovative QR code verification system, businesses and consumers can rest assured that the information they access is genuine and secure."

Key features of Verity One Ltd.'s QR code verification system include:

  • Integration of a URL Shortener and QR Validator with IBM Hyperledger and Hedera HBAR blockchain technology within the ERP platform
  • Development of the Verity One App for end-user QR code scanning and validation
  • Implementation of a rigorous business KYC process to verify QR code owners.
  • Multi-language support and compliance with global privacy standards

In addition to offering unparalleled security and trust for users and businesses, Verity One Ltd.'s solution is poised for continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving digital threats. The company remains committed to monitoring system performance, gathering user feedback, and implementing refinements to ensure the utmost reliability and effectiveness of its QR code verification system.

For more information about Verity One Ltd. and its AI and blockchain-powered QR code verification system, please visit

 FBI Warns of wide spread QR code scams

123, Administrator February 19, 2024
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