Verity One setting a new standard for nutrient-credit certification

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Verity One pioneers its groundbreaking VERT "V" token on Polygon, Hedera, and Binance Smart Chain, setting a new standard for nutrient-credit certification.

The "V" token is a testament to our unwavering commitment to ECO and sustainability. The V is the first solution that transforms nutrient credit certification into an immutable record for each credit”— Adam Reiser

RICHMOND, VA, USA, March 31, 2024 / -- Dubai, UAE—After years of meticulous planning and anticipation, Verity One Ltd. proudly announces the launch of the Verity License Unit "V" (VERT "V") token. This innovative step is poised to redefine nutrient credit certification, leveraging blockchain technology's unmatched transparency and reliability.

Verity One Ltd, renowned for its innovative use of AI and blockchain in verification and certification, proudly announces a pioneering initiative: launching the first-ever blockchain-based nutrient credits derived from Chesapeake Bay oysters. This initiative emphasizes Verity One's commitment to TRUTH MATTERS™ and its role as a forerunner in environmental sustainability and digital trust.

Nutrient credits, recognized for their critical role in promoting sustainable agriculture and enhancing water quality, have now found a robust verification and certification platform through the VERT "V" token. Available on the Polygon, Hedera, and Binance Smart Chain networks, this initiative marks a new era in environmental stewardship.

Adam Reiser, CTO and Founder of Verity One Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “The introduction of the VERT "V" token is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. This cutting-edge solution transforms nutrient credit certification and ensures a transparent, immutable record of each credit's environmental impact.”

The universal appeal of Nutrient Credits, clean water, and food underscores a shared global commitment, transcending the often divisive and politically charged discussions surrounding carbon credits. It embodies the collective aspiration for a healthier planet, advocating for immediate, actionable measures rather than delayed responses or restrictions on development. By integrating AI and Blockchain technologies, this vision takes a proactive, innovative approach to environmental sustainability. These technologies enable direct, transparent verification of impacts, ensuring actions taken are both practical and verifiable. Emphasizing constructive, forward-looking solutions over delayed or restrictive responses, this approach supports tangible, immediate results. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim for measurable progress in the present, not just in the distant future, charting a course toward a healthier planet with concrete benefits here and now. Central to this mission is the Verity One TRUTH MATTERS™ V token, which exemplifies the commitment to transparency, reliability, and real-time accountability in environmental sustainability efforts.

The VERT "V" token stands as a beacon of trust and confidence for stakeholders, enabling them to authenticate the genuineness and validity of nutrient credits. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Verity One guarantees a secure and accessible ledger of each credit's lifecycle, from issuance to retirement.

Featuring interoperability across prominent blockchain networks such as Polygon, Hedera, and Binance Smart Chain, the VERT "V" token enhances global accessibility and supports effortless transactions for non-USA users worldwide.

Verity One invites the agricultural, environmental, and blockchain communities to embrace the VERT "V" token. This collaborative effort promises to drive substantial ecological change and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

First of its kind, Verity One's blockchain nutrient credits are set to revolutionize sustainability and ESG scoring.

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Contact Information:
Adam Reiser, CTO / Founder
Verity One Ltd.
256 Street, Dubai Investments Park,
Dubai, UAE, 18383-62829

Explore the VERT "V" Token on Binance Smart Chain, Hedera, and Polygon via the provided links for an in-depth view of its deployment and functionality.

Binance BSC for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

Hedera HBAR for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

Polygon MATIC CONTRACT for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

Adam Reiser
Verity One Ltd.
+1 561-789-1139

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