We have developed the Verity One, HALAL token

Revolutionizing Halal Verification with Blockchain Technology
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We have developed the Verity One HALAL token
Revolutionizing Halal Verification with Blockchain Technology

Verity One Ltd. is a global leader in supply chain verification, logistics, and validation of marketing claims. With the driving force of the Verity One™ protocol, the company has developed the HALAL token, known as Verity One, which serves as the internal currency within the Verity One™ system. This system powers all the verification and validation services provided by Verity One Ltd.

The Verity One™ System and HALAL Token

The Verity One™ System, fueled by the HALAL token, facilitates every action within the Verity One™ network. From generating blockchain events to creating unique signatures, the HALAL token serves as the internal currency for all services and actions within the system. Businesses leverage HALAL tokens for various services, while users can earn tokens through actions such as product scanning, reporting fraud, database lookups, and more.

The Power of Technology: Verity One™ System

The Verity One™ System is a cloud-integrated mobile platform built on a bifurcated blockchain. It combines advanced technologies such as IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence, IBM Hyperledger Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This innovative integration enables businesses, manufacturers, brands, and producers to assign trackable tags and digital signatures to products, services, or digital goods. These features ensure traceability, authenticity, and validity both online and offline.

The Verity One™ Ecosystem

The Verity One™ API ecosystem extends the reach of Verity technology to various markets and marketing claims demanded by global consumers. The Verity One™ protocol forms the foundation for third-party verification services, validating marketing claims such as Country of Origin, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Organic, Non-GMO, Apparel and Fashion, Industrial, Technology, and Halal certification, among others.

Halal Certification and Verity One™

Halal certification, which denotes objects or actions permissible under Islamic law, is a critical aspect of daily life for many individuals. Verity One Ltd. provides a powerful tool for Halal certification through its robust technology. Manufacturers can validate their Halal claims, while consumers can confidently rely on the verification provided by the Verity One™ system.

A Commitment to Environment and Sustainability

Verity One Ltd. is committed to environmental sustainability. The platform optimizes energy usage without sacrificing efficiency by leveraging IBM's Hyperledger Blockchain technology and cloud-based infrastructure. Additionally, the Verity One™ system offers insights into environmental impact and sustainability practices, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

Trust in Verity One Ltd.

Verity One Ltd. pioneers trust and transparency in the digital world. Through the Verity One™ system and HALAL token, the company ensures that all information available to consumers is accurate, verified, and reliable.

A Global Solution

Verity One Ltd.'s innovative technology provides global solutions for various verifications, including religious designations such as Halal, as well as organic and non-GMO certifications.


Verity One Ltd. revolutionizes verification and validation through its Verity One™ system, powered by the HALAL token. By leveraging blockchain technology, AI, and IoT, Verity One Ltd. establishes a trustworthy standard for Halal certification. This technology-driven approach redefines transparency, ushering in a new era of validation and verification on a global scale.

The Halal Token – A Catalyst for Trust

The HALAL Token serves as the backbone of the Verity One™ platform, revolutionizing Halal verification through blockchain technology. It acts as the primary medium for transactions within the Verity One™ network, incentivizing and rewarding user activity. The HALAL Token ensures smooth operations, facilitates transactions, rewards engagement, and incentivizes behavior within the network.

Pioneering Blockchain Technology

The Verity One™ platform leverages blockchain's immutable nature to provide a transparent and tamper-proof system for Halal verification. Through the assignment of trackable tags and digital signatures, the platform ensures traceability and validity, mitigating the risk of fraudulent claims and unverified products.

IBM Watson® AI and IoT Integration

Integration with IBM Watson® AI enhances data quality and precision in verification, making the process more reliable and efficient. The integration of IoT devices enables real-time tracking and verification, making it convenient for manufacturers and consumers to access and update information on the go.

Ensuring Halal Compliance

The Verity One™ platform is committed to ensuring Halal compliance. It validates Halal claims through comprehensive analysis and robust checks, empowering users to make informed decisions and encouraging Halal compliance easily.

The Future of Halal Verification

Verity One Ltd. envisions a future where Halal verification is seamless, reliable, and easily accessible. By continually enhancing its platform and expanding its scope, Verity One Ltd. aims to be the global standard for reliable and verified marketing claims. Join Verity One Ltd. on its journey to redefine Halal verification and build a future where everyone can access trusted and verified Halal products.

Security, Privacy, Scalability, and Regulatory Compliance

The Verity One™ platform prioritizes security, privacy, scalability, and regulatory compliance. User data is stored in a decentralized and encrypted manner, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. Scalability solutions, industry best practices, and compliance standards are implemented to ensure optimal performance and a secure environment for Halal verification.

Adoption and Partnerships

Verity One Ltd. actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with industry players, regulatory authorities, and certification bodies to promote widespread adoption and enhance trust and transparency in the Halal industry.


Verity One Ltd. is revolutionizing Halal verification through its robust and innovative Verity One™ system. Powered by the HALAL token, Verity One Ltd. fosters a transparent and reliable ecosystem where truth matters. Join Verity One Ltd. on its journey to redefine Halal verification, providing consumers with trusted Halal products and empowering manufacturers to validate their claims. Together, let's build a future where trust, transparency, and authenticity redefine the Halal industry.

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