What Attending Consensus 2024 Austin TX did for Verity One

Let's not just ask what the world can do for us, but what we can do for the world, Adam Reiser
June 4, 2024 by
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Attending Consensus 2024 in Austin, Texas, was a game-changer for Verity One Ltd and Made in USA News. My better half, Michelle Tan, an ardent XRP enthusiast, and I, an agnostic technology guy building a secure blockchain backend on Hyperledger Fabric, were on the lookout for an NFT and Token/Coin Management system. Our goal was to manage the onboarding and tracking of nutrient credits that we certify for public chains, offering state and US Government validated and certified nutrient credits through the EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers, VADEQ, and CBP's ISNRP, as well as the Oyster Company of Virginia LLC and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Services.

During our exploration of the trade show, we had the fortune of meeting Matt Liimakka at the Ripple XRP Ledger booth. Ripple-XRP, Matt's welcoming approach convinced us to delve into their ecosystem. This led us to Zoniqx, where co-founder and CBO Sanjeev Birari provided a demo that immediately captured my attention. Zoniqx offered an integrated solution on the XRP Ledger System, promising customization and white labeling that perfectly aligned with our needs. It was a moment of exciting discovery, largely influenced by Matt and Sanjeev's presentations at the Rime Salmi fractil Founders Event.

Michelle, always the XRP enthusiast, was overjoyed to meet David Schwartz, Ripple's tech rock star. While she basked in her fan moment, I had the opportunity to engage deeply with David, who showed genuine interest in our nutrient credit initiative. His supportive and insightful demeanor was encouraging and validated the importance of our plans to clean the water and estuaries in Virginia, DC, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River Basin, Hutson River and NYC next to the world.

Our interactions with David Schwartz, a revered figure in Ripple's tech community, and the team at Zoniqx played a pivotal role in our strategic decision. We have chosen to embrace the new XRP EVM ERC platform, a significant move that aligns with our mission to make a positive global impact. This decision sets a clear trajectory for our project, opening new possibilities and potential benefits.

As I always emphasize, our focus is not just on what the world can do for us but on what we can do for the world. Verity One Ltd. TRUTH MATTERS™.

123, Administrator June 4, 2024
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