Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Verity One Ltd., with its pioneering TRUTH MATTER™ initiative, has launched the GIG Workforce Validator program. This program represents a significant advancement in ensuring global supply chains' authenticity, compliance, and integrity by leveraging AI and blockchain technologies.

Validators operate as independent contractors within a cloud-based ecosystem, executing tasks that range from simple data acquisition in retail environments to complex validation processes involving advanced technologies. 

Customer Relationship
Personal Evolution
Administrative Work
Technical Expertise


  • Independent Validator
  • Achieve monthly objectives
  • Qualify the customer needs
  • Negotiate and contract services
  • Master demos of our software

Must Have

  • Bachelor Degree or Higher
  • Passion for software products
  • Perfect written English
  • Highly creative and autonomous
  • Valid work permit for whatever country you work in

Nice to have

  • Experience in writing online content
  • Additional languages
  • Google Adwords experience
  • Strong analytical skills

What's great in being a Validator?

    Levels of Validators

    Validators progress through levels based on expertise, qualifications, and the complexity of tasks:

    • Levels 1 & 2: Focus on primary KYC verification, data acquisition, and store scanning products.
    • Levels 3 & 4: Involve more specialized training for verifying certifications and conducting product tests, including soil sampling.
    • Levels 5 to 7: Manage product recalls, operate drones for aerial surveys, and conduct AI and blockchain validations. 

      These higher levels require advanced training, licensing, and deep technological knowledge.

Our Product

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What We Offer

Validators are independent contractors who play a pivotal role in Verity One's mission to foster transparency, authenticity, and trust within global supply chains. They help verify a wide range of product claims through rigorous training, advanced technology, and a comprehensive validation process. This innovative approach, leveraging AI and blockchain technology, not only revolutionizes trust across various industries but also offers Validators a unique opportunity to contribute to global supply chain integrity while earning compensation for their critical work.



A part-time or on demand or at will position
Attractive package.


12 days / year, including
6 of your choice.

Sport Activity

Play any sport with colleagues,
the bill is covered.

Eat & Drink

Fruit, coffee and
snacks provided.