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May 20, 2024 by
123, Administrator
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Our website was mistakenly flagged as a phishing site, and we've traced the origin of the issue. Without our consent, a phishing copy of our site was uploaded to three website scanning tools. We believe this action was carried out by malicious actors in the cryptocurrency community who tried to compromise our operations. These individuals initially contacted us via Telegram, demanding cryptocurrency tokens and encouraging us to engage in trading activities that we didn't fully understand, including something they referred to as a "fund matching pair." In response, we sent them various cryptocurrencies, including Polygon MATIC, ETH, Binance, and a Swap Coin, but to no avail. Subsequently, our project was temporarily removed from Coin Market Cap. Navigating this industry is challenging, given the presence of many deceptive and untrustworthy groups.

We have been Piloting through this new and exciting market and industry.

Adam Reiser , CEO Verity One Ltd.

123, Administrator May 20, 2024
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