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System for Award Management (SAM)
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Washington, D.C. --- September 5, 2023 

VERITY ONE LTD. (“VERITY ONE” or the “Company”), a Wyoming registered corporation has been named as a Commercial and Government Entity specified (CAGE Code: 8JSY1), and a System for Award Management (SAM) registered company that can officially offer “MADE IN USA” certification for companies and products wishing to be recognized as such. This certification would offer them the ability to be considered for use by the US General Service Administration (GSA) in any governmental contract. Both the Trump and Biden Administrations have stressed the importance of utilizing ‘BUY AMERICAN’ and ‘USA MADE’ produced products for government use, so certification as “MADE IN USA”, “PRODUCT OF USA”, or “SERVICE IN USA” independent third-party verification could carry significance when working with the government. VERITY ONE was recognized for its long history of providing such verification, and was the only company utilizing the necessary criteria for qualifying products, services, and companies. Now, any company that wants to be compliant with the “BUY AMERICAN ACT” will be directed to VERITY ONE to first be validated.

“We have been quietly certifying the ‘Country of Origin’ designations, specifically ‘MADE IN USA’ now since 2006,” stated Founder and Chairman Adam Reiser, “and now, years later after the first “MADE IN USA CERTIFIED”, we are proud to be officially recognized for providing consumers real truth in marketing.”

With its headquarters now housed in Puerto Rico, and representatives in several states and the UAE, VERITY ONE, under Reiser’s direction over the last seventeen years, perfected an Ai/Blockchain based system, which is based on Hyperledger/XRP/Ethereum and Open Ai. The VERITY ONE system can now offer a system that can track and trace literally any product worldwide that has registered with it and uses its proprietary Blockchain coding system.

“VERITY ONE considers the makeup of any product to ensure that the majority of components meet the MADE IN USA standards and we can then trace registered products literally from the factory, or farm, right to the user,” Reiser continued. “Our goal has always been to offer consumers a label that they could depend on as genuine, and with the cost of everything today that is so important, and why our slogan is and has always been… TRUTH MATTERS.”

For more information on the company, please call +1 (833) 211-3663 or email or visit the Company website at

123, Administrator October 14, 2023
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