FlaXbit UAB Accepts Verity One Ltd.'s The Verity One Licensing Unit ‘V’ - The VERT onto its Crypto Exchange Platform

FlaXbit UAB now features The V ‘VERT’ by Verity One Ltd. on its exchange, which blends Ethereum ERC20 and Polygon MATIC PLG20 technologies. This move aligns with FlaXbit's mission to merge traditional finance with digital currencies and highlights its security and regulatory compliance commitment.
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Flaxbit UAB
Perkūnkiemio g. 13-91,
Vilnius, Lithuania
Registration number: 305979737

Verity One Ltd.
Dubai Investments Park,
Dubai, UAE 18383 62829

Date: 17/23/2024

Press Release

FlaXbit UAB Accepts Verity One Ltd.'s The Verity One Licensing Unit ‘V’ - The VERT onto its Crypto Exchange Platform

Vilnius, Lithuania – FlaXbit UAB, a premier cryptocurrency exchange licensed in Lithuania, is excited to announce the acceptance of The Verity One Licensing Unit ‘V’ - The VERT by Verity One Ltd. onto its platform. This inclusion marks a significant milestone in FlaXbit's efforts to expand its cryptocurrency portfolio with innovative and groundbreaking blockchain projects.

Verity One Ltd. has distinguished itself in the blockchain industry by developing the V ‘VERT’, utilizing the Ethereum ERC20 standard and the Polygon MATIC PLG20 network. This move is pivotal in FlaXbit's mission to meld traditional financial mechanisms with the dynamic sphere of cryptocurrencies, aiming to cultivate a more accessible and transparent financial ecosystem.

FlaXbit's rigorous KYC and AML procedures emphasize security and compliance and ensure a secure user trading environment. Integrating The V ‘VERT’ presents FlaXbit's clientele with unique investment opportunities within a safe and intuitive platform.

The acceptance of The VERT by FlaXbit UAB symbolizes a significant advancement in the cryptocurrency domain. It promises to positively influence both the crypto community and the broader financial world.

End of Press Release

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123, Administrator March 23, 2024
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