Verity One Ltd. and the GIG Workforce Validator Initiative

This program represents a significant advancement in ensuring global supply chains' authenticity, compliance, and integrity by leveraging AI and blockchain technologies.
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Introduction to Verity One Ltd. and the GIG Workforce Validator Initiative

Verity One Ltd., with its pioneering TRUTH MATTER™ initiative, has launched the GIG Workforce Validator program. This program represents a significant advancement in ensuring global supply chains' authenticity, compliance, and integrity by leveraging AI and blockchain technologies. Validators operate as independent contractors within a cloud-based ecosystem, executing tasks that range from simple data acquisition in retail environments to complex validation processes involving advanced technologies.

The Role and Operations of a Validator: A Detailed Guide

Step 1: Onboarding as an Independent Validator

  • Process: New Validators sign up through Verity One, undergoing comprehensive vetting and KYC protocols to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Outcome: Once approved, they join a global network of independent contractors equipped to perform validation tasks across various industries.

Step 2: Training and Familiarization with Technologies

  • Training: Validators receive specialized training on the Verity One mobile app and other essential tools for validation, focusing on AI and blockchain technologies.
  • ERP System Guidance: The Verity One ERP system is critical in onboarding Validators, guiding them through the initial setup and familiarizing them with the validation processes.

Step 3: Dispatch and Validation Activities

  • Deployment: Validators are dispatched to locations like farms and grocery stores to collect data and validate claims related to certifications such as Organic, Halal, and Kosher.
  • Emergency Response: Validators swiftly collect samples and coordinate with recall management systems to ensure consumer safety in product recalls or contamination situations.

Step 4: Advanced Validation Using AI and Blockchain

  • Technology Use: The collected data and samples are analyzed using Verity One's AI and blockchain technology, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of product claims.
  • Continuous Validation: Validators undertake ongoing scanning and inventory tasks, contributing to a comprehensive database of product information worldwide.

Levels of Validators: From Basic KYC to Advanced Technology Operations

Level 1: Basic KYC Validator

  • Focus on self-registration and basic KYC processes.
  • Activities include simple data collection tasks in retail environments.

 Level 2: Data Acquisition Specialist

  • Advanced data collection, including detailed product scanning and price checking.
  • Requires understanding of retail environments and product information.

Level 3: Certification Verifier

  • Specialized in verifying product certifications against claimed standards.
  • Involves on-site visits and the use of specialized verification tools.

Level 4: Environmental Compliance Auditor

  • Assessing compliance with environmental and social governance standards.
  • Advanced training in ESG auditing and carbon credit verification.

Level 5: Product Safety and Recall Specialist

  • Handling emergency responses for product recalls and safety concerns.
  • Coordination with recall management systems for efficient resolution.

Level 6: Advanced Technology Operator

  • Operating drones for aerial surveys and utilizing other advanced technologies.
  • Requires licensing and advanced technical training.

Level 7: AI and Blockchain Validation Expert

  • Conducting validations and audits using AI and blockchain technologies.
  • Deep technical knowledge and expertise in AI, blockchain, and ERP systems required.

Expanding GIGER Activities and Comparisons with Traditional Gig Economy Models

The Verity One Validator initiative extends beyond traditional gig economy roles, such as those seen in UBER's driver-partner system, by incorporating advanced technology and specialized skills into its operations. This evolution reflects a broader transition towards specialized, technology-driven gig economy roles, emphasizing the importance of technological literacy and specialized skills.

Implementing Successful Strategies from Other Gig Platforms

Drawing inspiration from platforms like TaskRabbit, Upwork, Instacart, and Airbnb, Verity One can enhance the Validators system by:

  • Skill-Based Matching: Ensuring Validators are matched with tasks suited to their expertise.
  • Dynamic Incentives: Offering bonuses and incentives based on performance, demand, and specialized skills.
  • Community Support: Fostering a community forum for Validators to share experiences and support one another.
  • Detailed Profiles and Portfolios: Allowing Validators to showcase their skills, completed validations, and areas of expertise.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Trust in Global Supply Chains

The Verity One Ltd. GIG Workforce Validator initiative represents a groundbreaking approach to verifying the integrity and compliance of global supply chains. Validators play a crucial role in maintaining transparency, authenticity, and trust across various industries by combining the flexibility of gig work with the precision of AI and Blockchain technologies. This innovative program revolutionizes trust across these sectors and offers Validators a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to global supply chain integrity while earning compensation for their critical work.

Validators are compensated with V for their contributions at each level, reflecting the complexity and value of their tasks. V can be exchanged for fiat currency or transferred to a preferred digital wallet, ensuring that Validators are rewarded promptly and fairly. Through this structured approach, Verity One ensures that Validators are appropriately skilled and rewarded for their crucial role in upholding transparency, authenticity, and trust within global supply chains.

The tiered system introduces a clear path for Validators to develop their skills and advance through increasing responsibility and complexity levels. From primary KYC verification to advanced tasks requiring licensing, such as operating drones, Validators can grow within the Verity One ecosystem. This progression not only enhances the quality and efficiency of validations but also contributes to the personal and professional growth of each Validator.

Furthermore, integrating AI and Blockchain technologies sets a new standard for product verification and certification processes. By leveraging these technologies, Verity One provides comprehensive insights into product quality, transaction transparency, and overall trustworthiness, enhancing the integrity of supply chains worldwide.

In conclusion, Verity One Ltd.'s GIG Workforce Validator initiative is a pioneering model in the GIG economy. It blends traditional gig work with innovative technology to address critical needs in global supply chain management. As this initiative continues to evolve, it promises to expand the horizons of what gig work can achieve, offering meaningful, flexible, and rewarding opportunities for individuals worldwide while setting new benchmarks for transparency and trust in the global marketplace.

123, Administrator March 22, 2024
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