Verity One Mints "V" on MATIC, HBAR and BSC

VERT "V" is Verity One Ltd.'s innovative medium of exchange. It bolsters transparency and trust in supply chains through AI and blockchain technology.
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Verity One Mints the "V" VERT on Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR and Binance BSC

Verity One Ltd., a pioneering force in certification and verification services since 2001, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the Verity License Unit, or VERT "V." Grounded in the principle that "TRUTH MATTERS™," Verity One has leveraged the power of AI and blockchain technology to revolutionize trust and transparency within product supply chains.

Operating under the ethos of 'TRUTH MATTERS™,' Verity One Ltd utilizes AI and Blockchain to deliver verification and certification services. Established in 2001, Verity has been dedicated to transparency, authenticity, and trust within product supply chains. The Verity Licensing Unit, the VERT' V,' a medium of exchange within the Verity One ecosystem, supports secure, transparent, and verifiable transactions. Anchored by an advanced ERP system and integrated with AI and blockchain, this ecosystem bolsters the integrity of supply chains, providing deeper insights into product quality, transactional transparency, and overall trustworthiness. Verity One digitizes trust across industries.

By minting the Verity License Unit (VLU), the "V" or VERT, on several prominent public blockchain networks, including Polygon, MATIC, Hedera HBAR, and Binance BSC, and a private IBM Hyperledger Blockchain for sensitive data, Verity One extends its commitment to transparency and trust across diverse industries.

"The 'V' or VERT represents a significant milestone in our journey towards securing transparent and trustworthy supply chains," says Verity One Ltd's CTO and founder, Adam Reiser. "With VERT' V,' we empower businesses to ensure the integrity of their products, fostering consumer trust and loyalty."

Join Verity One Ltd. in its mission to digitize trust across industries. For more information, visit or contact

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Purchase Verity One License Units here

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123, Administrator March 18, 2024
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