Verity One Leads Food Safety Revolution with AI and Blockchain, Enhancing Baby Formula Recall Response

Verity One Elevates Food Safety with Launch of AI and Blockchain-Powered Food Trust Program, Including Baby Formula Recall Management
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Vevey Switzerland - March 30, 2024—Verity One Ltd., renowned for its certification and verification innovations since 2001 and a trailblazer in AI since 1983 and Blockchain since 2018, today announced the launch of the Food Trust Program. This pioneering initiative aims to redefine food safety management through AI and blockchain technologies, enhancing recall management systems to protect consumer health and elevate industry standards.

In today’s global marketplace, food safety is a paramount concern affecting consumers, regulators, and industry participants alike. To address this critical need, Verity One’s Food Trust Program merges artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to streamline the recall process, ensuring rapid, accurate, and transparent actions to safeguard public health and boost consumer trust.

Adam Reiser, CEO and Founder of Verity One Ltd., emphasized the initiative's significance, stating, “Food safety is a fundamental concern that impacts everyone. With the Food Trust Program, Verity One is at the forefront of utilizing AI and blockchain to enhance recall processes, enabling faster and more precise responses to food safety incidents. Our commitment to TRUTH MATTERS™ is reflected in our continuous pursuit of innovations that protect consumers and lead to a safer food supply chain.”

Verity One Ltd.'s Proactive Approach:

Real-Time Scanning for Contaminants: Verity One's mobile scanner is a pivotal tool in detecting harmful agents in food products, including pathogens prevalent in both human and pet foods.

Comprehensive Database and Alert System: Verity One's extensive database provides up-to-date information on food safety issues, including historical data on recalls and contamination incidents, which is vital in preventing future crises.

Blockchain-Enhanced Traceability: Utilizing blockchain technology, Verity One enhances the traceability of food products, ensuring transparency from farm to table and swiftly identifying contamination sources.

Educating Consumers: Verity One's platform is an educational tool that provides crucial information on safe food handling practices and high-risk foods, which is especially important for vulnerable groups.

Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies: Working with agencies like the CDC, FDA, and USDA, Verity One plays a significant role in broad food safety initiatives, sharing valuable data and insights from their technology.

Neutral and Fact-Based Alerting: Maintaining a neutral stance, Verity One offers unbiased, fact-based alerts on food safety issues, contributing to a culture of integrity and trust in the marketplace.

The VERT "V" Token, integral to Verity One’s transparent ecosystem on the Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR, and Binance BSC blockchain networks, underscores the commitment to TRUTH MATTERS™ in every aspect of food safety, including the delicate area of baby formula recalls.

Hyperledger for secure off-chain storage.

The program's AI-driven approach allows for quickly identifying and tracking contaminated products, facilitating swift recalls. Meanwhile, blockchain technology brings unprecedented transparency and security to the recall data, ensuring all stakeholders have access to timely and accurate information.

The VERT "V" Token, a cornerstone of Verity One’s ecosystem on the Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR, and Binance BSC blockchain networks, underscores the company’s dedication to transparency and integrity across all its initiatives, including the Food Trust Program.

Verity One invites food industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and technology enthusiasts to explore the Food Trust Program’s capabilities. Together, we can achieve a significant leap forward in food safety standards, ensuring the health and well-being of consumers around the globe.

For further details about Verity One Ltd. and the transformative Food Trust Program, please visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and join our Telegram group.

Contact Information:
Adam Reiser, CEO / Founder
Verity One Ltd.
256 Street, Dubai Investments Park,
Dubai, UAE, 18383-62829

The Verity One VERT "V" Token on the Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR and Binance BSC networks. 

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