Verity One's VERT "V" Token Clears Cyberscope Audit

Verity One's TRUTH MATTERS™ V Token Passes Cyberscope Audit: A Leap Towards Transparency and Coin Market Cap Listing
March 31, 2024 by
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Verity One's VERT "V" Token passes the rigorous Cyberscope Audit, marking a significant step towards a listing on Coin Market Cap and unparalleled transparency

The VERT "V" Token's Cyberscope Audit completion underscores our transparency commitment, setting the stage for Coin Market Cap listing and certifying trust”

— Adam Reiser

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, March 31, 2024 / -- LONDON UK —In a significant development, Verity One Ltd. is proud to announce that its pioneering TRUTH MATTERS™ V (VERT "V") Token has completed and passed the comprehensive Cyberscope Audit. This accomplishment is a testament to the VERT "V" Token's robust security and transparency standards and marks the first step towards its listing on Coin Market Cap.

Verity One Ltd., a leader in certification and verification since 2001, has long embraced AI and Blockchain technology to revolutionize transparency and trust in environmental and sustainability certifications. The successful Cyberscope Audit of the VERT "V" Token underscores Verity One's commitment to these principles, setting a new benchmark for accountability in the blockchain space.

Cyberscope I.K.E., based in Rhodes, Greece, is renowned for its software consulting services and has become a trusted entity in the blockchain audit domain. The audit's positive outcome highlights the VERT "V" Token's adherence to the highest security and transparency standards, ensuring stakeholders can participate confidently.

Adam Reiser, CTO and Founder of Verity One Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone: "The successful Cyberscope Audit is a crucial step for our VERT "V" Token, reflecting our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. This achievement paves the way for our next goal – listing on Coin Market Cap and reinforces our mission to provide verifiable and trustworthy certifications."

The VERT "V" Token operates across multiple blockchain networks, including Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR, and Binance BSC, ensuring wide accessibility and interoperability. This strategic approach has been years in the making, reflecting Verity One's dedication to innovation and sustainability.

As Verity One Ltd. prepares for the next phase of growth and the anticipated listing on Coin Market Cap, stakeholders and participants can expect to engage with a platform that stands for truth, transparency, and the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Contact Information:
Adam Reiser, CTO / Founder
Verity One Ltd.
256 Street, Dubai Investments Park,
Dubai, UAE, 18383-62829

Discover more about the VERT "V" Token on Binance Smart Chain, Hedera, and Polygon via the provided links, showcasing years of preparation for this groundbreaking initiative.
Binance BSC for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

Hedera HBAR for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

Polygon MATIC CONTRACT for Verity One Ltd VERT V Token

123, Administrator March 31, 2024
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